Compiling Boost with STLPort on Windows

I couldn’t find a concise howto on compiling Boost with STLPort on Windows, so here it is:

  1. Download Boost. I used version 1.44, I have heard people have struggled with earlier versions.
  2. In the Boost root directory, open project-config.jam. Add the following line:
    using stlport : STLPORT_VERSION : C:/PATH_TO_STLPORT/stlport : C:/PATH_TO_STLPORT/lib ;
    , substituting STLPORT_VERSION for you version of STLPort, and PATH_TO_STLPORT to you STLPort directory.
  3. Build Boost: bjam stdlib=stlport stage. If you want to build a static lib, add link=static runtime-link=static.

My setup:

  • Boost 1.44
  • STLPort 5.2.1
  • Visual Studio 2008

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